Debates added to topic-based materials

Debates added to topic-based materials section Further to my recent post about staging class debates, I’ve just uploaded two more to the topic-based materials section of this blog: one (on whether some art can be better than other art) here; the other (on whether private schools should be abolished) here. You can read some ideas […]

TD: screencast – simplifying texts for your learners using VocabProfile

In this post, I explain how to use a vocabulary range finder to help you minimise the number of low-frequency words in a text. I explain when and why this can be a very useful thing to do, and list a couple of alternative uses of the range finder as well.

TD: Building a personal learning network

Following on from a previous blog post, which discussed seven ways you can develop as a teacher whilst planning (and thinking about planning) your classes, I’ve decided here to write about how you can develop a personal learning network – a multi-faceted network of resources to help you continue your development as a teacher. I’m […]